Top 10 Trends of Customer Service and Experience of 2017

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What are the commonly overlooked causes of business loss which cannot be ignored today?  In the age of well informed customers’ supremacy demanding higher quality products and services, customer service and customer experience (CX) is the game changer that can prove fatal to a business.

According to Shep Hyken who contributed to the Forbes, there are 10 main Customer Service and Customer Trend in 2017*. Based on Forrester’s research, 72% of business priority is to improve their customers’ experience.


  1. Customer Service is Getting Better
    Even though we might not had felt the difference but many efforts had been made in improving systems, intelligence, applications and the human skills to provide improved efficiency in customer services.  Applications to understand customer behaviours and preferences are not only motivated by marketing gains but also meant to create better services.
  2. Value and Experience Continue to Trump Price
    The market tends to sway towards quality which correlates with the value of product or services rendered. A company can offer dirt cheap, off the rack pricing with low value and bare services but customers continue to look for equilibrium in their money spent. If there is a sour experience, customers will not return to the same brand though price is low.
  3. Personalization Creates a Better Customer Experience
    Generalizing product and services in mass production has its value mainly to manufacturer and suppliers. Modern discerning millennial seeks customized experience, unique features and idolize personal identity. It is viewed as providing greater value and satisfaction when the product is tailored to personal taste and preference compared to off the shelves’.  Technology enhances CX with the ability to track customer preferences and history.
  4. AI and IA Assisted Those Who Assist Customer
    Artificial Intelligence is improving the way data being handled and analyzed. It improves proactive customer care and thus giving customer service its well needed automation. This trend will remain and is foreseen to improve over time even though it will not replace the total human touch in short term.
  5. Chatbots Trend Continues
    Part of AI is the Chatbots which are programmed to manage simple tasks to counter customer related issues.  Similar to overall artificial intelligence technology, Chatbots provide the 1st interface to lighten the reliance on human responses with simulated answers and are even able to analyze customer’s frustrations through their input.  Even though more complicated issues and matters are still managed by human beings, Chatbots is definitely a brilliant investment to enhance customer experience (CX). 
  6. Emphasis on Customer Success
    Never before had business placed such importance in their customer success as of this age of convergence where globalized business are interrelated. There are even unique job positions named as ‘Customer Success Executive or Manager’ being created in companies to place attention in this area such as coaching and complementary product training sessions to new customers.
  7. Proactive Customer Service is Gaining Popularity
    Pro-activeness and the ability to foresee and read customer needs add points to customer experience (CX). In the reverse, businesses that are slow to response and have to go through red tape to resolve issues are seen as laggards and followers. There are software programs to help companies identify and mitigate issues and problems faster.
  8. Phones are Used Less
    Phones are being replaced more and more by Chatbots, emails and online messaging with communicating with customers or vice-versa. Technology has enabled human voice being translated into different forms so that interaction and response become faster, easier and hassle free.
  9. Customer Wants Speedy Response
    In the age of instantaneous response and prompt resolution, customer expects business to react and respond quite immediately to their needs of attention.  Lengthy and delayed reactions from business breeds dissatisfaction. Response time is shorten with the assistance of technology and tools.
  10. Convenience Wins the Day
    Who doesn’t want convenience in midst of their multi-tasking lifestyle. The generation now has to manage multiple facets of responsibilities while taking different roles in the society. Thus being a consumer, they expect the products and services acquired to be conveniently available, purchased, operated, used, maintained and discarded.


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